SF-Automotive Turning After-sales into Pre-Sales

Recruitment Screening

Our recruitment screening service is designed to take away the hassle and time taken to  interview lots of potential employees that are unlikely to be suitable, leaving you to choose from a carefully selected list of people who match the behavioral requirements for the job you are looking to fill.

Service Manager Coaching

Service manager coaching helps to achieve those “light-bulb” moments by changing the perception of the role, and assists the transition in thinking from “manager” to “leader” by learning how to recruit and manage people more effectively leading to a high performing team.  Classroom or workplace based.

Profiling Tools

Our profiling tools are designed to help you to cut through the facade and enable you to see what makes a person really tick  Our reports measure behaviour, (how) driving forces (will) and the natural talents (can) for any job applicant or person requiring development.

Service Advisor Training

Our workplace and classroom based programmes help service advisors to understand and practice those all important skills required to cement long term relationships with their customers, the objective being they play a key part in helping the customer with the next vehicle purchase decision.

The Constant Challenge

It’s one of those things, simple but not easy!   Asking people to pay more and yet willingly pay for it.  And yet there are ways by which you can create value in the transaction so that customers become nett promoters of your business.

To achieve this is requires a carefully constructed route by which you can develop your business by :-

  • employing better people
  • to do the things that customers value and
  • creating win-win situations

Being an automotive manager has never been easy but nowadays expected performance levels are much more demanding!

We are dedicated to assisting managers in the automotive retail sector to deliver superior performance by improving people, process and leadership.

Over thirty years of experience of being at the forefront of innovation in the automotive sector and helping OEM manufacturers, Dealerships, Fast Fits, Independents and Trade Associations to develop our sector